About Us

It all began with Booma

We are often asked by our customers, who use our Booma Ride service, if we do a takeaway delivery service. After receiving so much positive feedback from our customers, our team at Booma decided to give our customers what they want and Booma Eats has been prepared, cooked and now ready to be served to you.

The Booma Eats platform has been designed to provide customers a fast, easy and reliable delivery service with great feature like order tracking. Our Restaurant partners are offered a more cost- effective way to sell their food and increase sales.

Our Values

Our customers make us who we are

Our customers, restaurant partners and couriers are the nucleus of what we do. We respect and value you and will commit to improving your experience.

The winning team

Our team has been carefully selected and provide us with a unique blend of experience, enthusiasm and a desire to succeed with innovative ideas to improve our service for you.

We are committed

We are constantly developing the way we work to give you the best experience. Through the ups and down we learn to develop and keep moving forward.

Delivering results

As a company, Booma Eats has set itself high standards. By setting these standards we will deliver a high level of service. We are constantly analysing our performance and targets to ensure we are delivering results.


When we encounter a problem, we are not satisfied with just resolving the issue. We gather and absorb the information to make informed decision about finding solutions to become better.

Leading the way

Just like a chef striving to earn a Michelin star, we are on a mission to earn our stars and become a global leader in our industry. “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. "Till your good is better and your better is best” (St. Jerome).

Feedback matters

We are actively looking to improve and understand how important it is to listen and take onboard feedback. We support each other and work closely with each department and team members to make important changes.


For us, every member of our team is equally important. Although we have different roles and different skill sets, we do our best to help resolve problems. We treat each other with respect and we all learn from one another.

Our Couriers

Booma Eats offer our couriers a platform to work on their schedule. We believe our couriers do an amazing job and are highly rewarded. Without our great network of couriers, we would be unable to offer our customers the high-quality service they expect and help our restaurant partners increase sales.

Our Partners

Delivering delicious food from our partners to customers is what we do. With a utopia of tastes from around the globe the choices are endless. Booma Eats showcases restaurants menus to thousands of customers and delivers orders from your door to theirs.

We believe by offering a competitive service we can help the industry grow and provide opportunities for new businesses start and grow with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an independent contractor for Booma Eats, you earn by deliveries you make via the Booma Eats platform. You are paid for delivering food/orders from our partner restaurants & shops to our customers.

As an independent Booma Eats contractor you earn money through your delivery fee. The deliver fee factors distance and time. Further information will be provided during your onboardin.
Booma Eats does not take any commission on your fees, unlike other platforms. You keep the money you make.

The volume of deliveries is dependent on the day of the week and time of day. Our advance system automatically matches drivers with deliveries to ensure a fast and efficient service.

Your will get paid on a weekly basis. Payments are made directly into your bank account. You will be able to access your payment history via your account on the Booma Eats app. Your payment summary provides you with a detailed summary of all the deliveries you completed and the fees for each delivery.

Our advanced technology system matches your availability, location and order collection time. This is to maximize the amount of deliveries you do and to make the service efficient and reliable.

You are required to have "business use" insurance to cover the use of food delivery and Hire & Reward cover. This is to cover you in the event of an incident as if you are not adequately insured, your insurance company would not cover the costs incurred.

A class of insurance which allows you to carry goods in return for payment.

No, standard “Social, Domestic and Pleasure” insurance, which most people in the UK have to drive in their personal time, will not cover you whilst delivering orders for Booma Eats.

No, your insurer must specifically note on your policy that the “business use” is food delivery and agree the correct Hire & Reward cover.

Booma Eats currently do not require you to have cover for the goods transported.

Firstly, It is illegal to drive without valid insurance and you could receive a penalty ranging from a fine to disqualification from driving. Additionally, were you to be involved in an incident whilst not adequately insured, your insurance company would not cover the costs incurred.

Booma Eats is the fastest growing online food delivery services. We value all our contractors and aim to provide you with all the tools to achieve your goals whilst working with us. Whether you want to earn money, have a better work-life balance or want to grow with the company and have a successful career. We want you to be part of the Booma network and be part of our success.

Booma Eats know how hard our couriers work and will do not charge any commission to you. You keep all of the money you make.

Our delivery system allows you to schedule in your onboard time. This allows us to plan our network and ensure we have the right number of couriers on at the right times allowing you to maximize your earnings. This is useful for couriers who know what plans they have for the coming days and weeks.

You need to be at least 18 years old and have the required documentation from our list below. Our onboarding process simple and we aim to get you onboard as quickly as possible so you can provide courier services for Booma Eats.

i. Driving licence
ii.Certificate showing your vehicle is insured/registered
It is your responsibility to ensure that your documents are valid and up to date.

We also have some legal terms you’ll have to review and agree to.

As an independent contractor, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have your own equipment to carry your work and maintain your equipment so it is safe to use. Equipment includes:

• Transport ‒ a roadworthy car, motorbike or scooter, registered and insured.

• Clothing ‒ while you can wear what you want, it’s very important you provide an excellent impression to customers, restaurants and shops. We’d expect you to dress neatly and not wear clothing which contain words/slogans which might cause offence or offend anybody. Also, safety is important and you’ll need a strong helmet and protective clothing if you’re riding a motorbike/scooter.

• Device ‒ You will need a compatible device using an operating system of either ‘iOS’ or ‘Android’ mobile phone A charger to ensure you are able to recharge your battery so it doesn’t go flat. A power bank is handy in case you are unable to find somewhere suitable to charge. A data plan with sufficient dat usage to ensure you are able to use our apps.

• Deliveries ‒ To ensure food is delivered appropriately, you must be transport food in a sealed, commercial grade thermal bag, ensuring that it arrives to the customer hot and fresh.

As an independent contractor it is your responsibility to provide and use your own equipment and tools of the trade. In order to assist you, Booma Eats offers a full range of gear you might need which you can buy from us.

Your vehicle needs to be less than 20-year-old, registered and insured. You also need a full driving licence.

You can start making deliveries on our network once you complete the signup process.
As part of the sign up process you will need to provide all the correct documents and participate in a quick onboarding call with a member of our onboarding team, and have all of the required equipment.

As a courier on the Booma Eats network, you have the freedom to choose when you want to work, how often you want to work and how much you earn. You are under no obligation to provide any services to us and you are also free to do other work.

Yes, only if a customer freely gives you a tip you are entitled to keep it. However you are under no circumstance allowed to request a tip from a customer.


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